Joey McKinney, Senior Geologist/Geophysicist

Mr. McKinney has over 30 years of professional experience in geotechnical, geological, and geophysical investigations. His project experience includes residential and commercial developments, small-scale and utility-grade wind and solar energy facilities, schools, hospitals, fire and police stations, hotels, roadways, water storage reservoirs, groundwater, and mineral exploration. Project types include geotechnical engineering reports and updates, plan reviews, geologic hazard reports, forensic studies of distressed structures, storm water management, wind turbine foundations, electrical substations, dry well and septic systems, rock and soil slope stability investigations, rockfall hazard evaluations, geologic mapping, fault hazard investigations, soil infiltration/percolation studies, septic design, site classification, depth-to­-bedrock, rippability, subsurface imaging, vibration and blast monitoring, non-destructive testing of concrete, compaction testing of soil and asphalt, roadway evaluation, concrete testing, utility location, and geographic  information systems (GIS).

His experience in geophysical sciences includes seismic refraction, tomography, refraction microtremor (ReMi), DC electrical resistivity, IP/resistivity, Electrical Resistivity Imaging (ERI), Impact-Echo, Pulse-Velocity, Pulse-Echo (pile integrity testing, or PIT), controlled-source audio-frequency magnetotellurics (CSAMT), ground magnetics, VLF-EM, electromagnetics, ground-penetrating radar (GPR), and gravity. He is also proficient in several computer programs including ArcMap, Arcinfo, AutoCAD, Corel Draw, giNT, Microsoft Office Suite, Rayfract, SeisOpt @2-D, SeisOpt ReMi, Seisimager, SIPwin, Surfer, Colorado Rock-fall Simulation Program (CRSP), Impact-E, PCSTABL, RockPack III, RocLab, Radan 7, and Geosoft.