Juniper Village Apartments

About This Project

Project Description and Scope of Services

Juniper Village Apartments is 15 acre development with an apartment complex containing 44 units within a three-story building.  All units feature state-of-the-art energy efficient heating and cooling systems and upgraded insulation to offset approximately 15% of the total electric consumption.  PAI provided Engineer of Record inspection as per the 2012 SSPWC, including associated infrastructure improvements: sewer, storm drain, utilities, sidewalks, subgrade, basegrade, and HMA.  PAI authored the project geo-technical investigation, and provided inspection of its implementation during construction.  PAI scheduled and chaired the pre-construction meeting.  Existing undocumented fill, existing clay pipe sewer main, and existing improvements on the site made this project particularly challenging.

Scope of work

Upgrading City of Reno improvements included rerouting sewer main, installation of storm drain, water services, gas lines, reconstructing curb line, and sidewalks and patchwork paving.

Benefits to the client

Provided Engineer of Record inspection during construction of dedicated improvements as described above; additionally we provided inspection during manhole vacuum testing, ball and mandrel, air pressure, sewer video-taping,  GPS of sewer laterals, and assisted in the generation of ‘walk-through’ punch lists in accordance with the Standard Specifications for Public Works Construction, current edition.

Project Team:

Ray Pezonella – Principal Engineer
Ken Chalk – Field Supervisor
Sheryn LaPlume – Laboratory Director