Boys & Girls Club of Truckee Meadows

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About This Project

Project Description and Scope of Services Experience Summary

Pezonella Associates believes in assisting our youth and the community.  We demonstrated this by donating our services for the geotechnical investigation for the Boys and Girls Club.   This resulted  in $0.00 in consultant fees during this phase of the project.  The new recreation center is a two story, steel frame, 55,000 square foot facility and scheduled to serve 26,000 kids in a 3 mile radius. The structure has two levels with masonry unit and tilt-up concrete walls, and is supported with shallow conventional spread foundations. Earthwork to create the finished pad elevation was on the order of one to eight feet of engineered fill.

Scope of work

Pezonella Associates provided a full range of special inspections including: unidentified soil verification, floor flatness, reinforcing steel, concrete, batch plant inspection, masonry, mill certifications, welding (shop and field), high strength bolting, sprayed applied fire proofing, epoxy anchor, and pull strength anchor bolts.

Benefits to the client

Pezonella Associates also provided all of the inspections and test required by the SSPWC 12 (Orange Book) during construction of site improvements, including utility installation, subgrade, baserock, HMA and exterior flatwork, including sidewalks, patios, valley gutters, and public approaches.

Project Team:

Ray Pezonella – Principal Engineer
Ken Chalk – Field Supervisor
Sheryn LaPlume – Laboratory Director