Nugget’s Christmas Tree is Tallest in Country, So Far

Nugget’s Christmas Tree is Tallest in Country, So Far

The Nugget Casino Resort in Sparks put up the tallest fresh-cut Christmas tree in the United States this year, towering at 105 feet.  The Rockefeller Center’s Christmas tree in New York City is only 94 feet tall this year.  The Nugget tree is even taller than the tallest one in Canada, which stands at a mere 100-feet tall.  

“We are thrilled to dedicate this gigantic Christmas tree to the community, “said Lisa Jensen, director of special events and entertainment with the Nugget Casino Resort.  “Sparks is a special place to spend time during the holidays and the Nugget and Marnell Family are excited to make the holidays a little brighter for everyone in our area.”

The 2016 Nugget Christmas Tree slightly edges out the 100-foot Americana at Brand’s tree in Glendale, California.  The Fashion Island tree in Newport Beach, California, measures at 90 feet.  Meanwhile, the trees at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. and the Outlets at Anthem in Phoenix are both 80 feet.

Mexico will beat all those records with a 137 foot Christmas tree in Mexico City.  But it’s assembled out of various pieces and held up by wires, so not quite the same.

Nugget Christmas Tree Facts

How heavy is it?  The tree weighs 22,000 pounds (11 tons) and 525, 000 pounds (262 tons) of concrete was poured in the footings to keep it stable.  The hole is 13 feet deep and 4 feet wide.

How much did it cost to cut down and put up and light?  Since this is a gift to the community from the Marnell family and Nugget Casino Resort, Nugget Casino could not share that information.

How many lights or strands will it take?  3,000 LED lights.  Each bulb is similar to a 60 watt home-style bulb.

Where did it come from?  30 miles outside Klamath Falls, Oregon.

Is it farmed or wild?  It is a wild tree.  The tree was removed from a densely populated tree area and will allow for new growth.

What kind of tree is it?  White fir.

What happens to it after it’s taken down?  Nugget Casino will recycle as much of the tree as possible.

Does the Nugget do this every year?  This is the first year.  Depending on community reception and feedback, Nugget Casino hopes to continue in future years to build a new holiday tradition.

Originally published in the Reno Gazette Journal: